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I’m Devaiah Mallangada, living in Bangalore – India. By Profession, I am a Network Security Architect, as passionate I am towards my work, I am equally passionate about travelling. I am mostly known as a “Storyteller” by my close friends. So, here I am to share each and every story I have lived while travelling, I would be living in the future to inspire you and get inspired in return.

I have been travelling for many years now. Knowing the fact there are millions of travellers, travelling across the globe sharing their stories, I was also inspired to pen down my part of the stories however as shy and timid by nature I held myself for quite long. I wasn’t sure if I can or no, after a lot of questions and thoughts I thought why not? I know, the places, countries we travel may be the same but definitely not the stories. Every story is unique and beautiful in their own way. Hence, I decided to have my stories, experiences penned down in the form of a blog. My post should just not give information about the places unexplored but also to inspire people near or far.

The main content of this website will always be about travelling however it shall also include things that I love which can inspire people and I also get inspired in return. Do stop by for more travel stories, If you have any suggestions or question, please don’t hesitate to drop a comment.





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Why the name “Nomadonroad”?

Well, this was the crucial part I guess deciding the name, I am sure every blogger must have gone through this phase to decide on the name. Nomad as its self-explanatory, when I hit the road I truly become one, which is why I love the solo travelling mostly may be, and most importantly my first real travel was a solo where I almost found myself like a Nomad, not knowing my destination, not knowing where I was, where I’d be next, totally low budgeted, not letting anything tied on me. In my personal opinion sometimes not belonging to one particular place/thing is the most beautiful of all. Therefore, I decided to name my website as www.nomadonroad.com

Recent Travels, Thoughts & Tips

To know about my latest trips and thoughts – about the places, please venture along and see the world through my eyes

Colombo calling | Tour of Sri Lanka

Some people are born Lucky and some just have childhood friends. Yes, I fall into the second category. My life wouldn't have been this exciting, this adventurous and sometimes disgusting as well 😂 if I didn’t have these people in my life. Sometimes, I just wonder how...

Why “Nomad On Road” ?

For all the ones who are wondering what {nomadonroad} - “Nomad on Road” is?  Here you go 👇🏽 I am sure by now, you would already know my love for travelling if you have been following my blog. I have been travelling since many years now. Knowing the fact there are...

Cycling – What It Did To Me

I wanted to write this article for quite some time now but for some reason, I was just postponing and finally, here it is, this article is more about me, my journey towards health and fitness. When I was in my teen I was fit and looked healthy - lean and perfect body...

Versatile Blogger Award

This is what I love about life, the uncertainties, yes you heard me right. I loved reading, I do even now J,  however writing was something I'd never thought I'd do and then came along my Blog. Sometimes, you end up doing things which you had least expected. It's been...

Tour of Nepal – Roof of the World

When You Travel Solo, You never come back alone said everyone who travels Solo. Then came a point in my life where I decided to travel alone. My life was juggling so much between work and family and daily chores that I almost forgot the love, I had for traveling. That was the year of 2012, I was back then working with Oman Air – National Carrier of Oman posted in Muscat, Oman, I had to break the Monotony, Called my boss, took a leave for fortnight and packed my bags without the destination being decided… yes, that’s the truth…