My Motorcycle 🏍 Diaries

Riding is an addiction which not many can stay aloof once you start. My addiction started when I rode solo in Nepal and since then there hasn’t been much of looking back.The way it liberated me and my soul is a total extraordinary feeling.

When I came back to India from Muscat for good. I always thought I needed to get myself a Motorcycle, however, the work and my usual chore kept me little busy and as well I got little diverted as simultaneously I was riding Cycle 🚲 then. One fine day I made my mind that I needed to do solo rides often, hence I got myself a Royal Enfield thinking the weekends I’ll go on solo rides but destiny had some different plans for me.

It had been just a few months that I’been back from Muscat and I was trying to keep up with my old friends. I came across one of my childhood Friend Pavan and we decided to meet over a Drink 🥃. As we met and spoke about things we had left behind, we somehow spoke about the bike rides, adventures and other stuff and he brought this into my notice that he along with his best friend VG had decided a motorcycle club called “ Free spirits motorcycling Club”.

Free Spirits Motorcycling Club is a young Club, started in November 2014, Our founding members of the club are Pavan Biddappa and V G Krishna. These two best friends travelled the length and breadth of India together and believed in the idea of starting a Motorcycle Club that not only focuses on biking but involving different people, different age groups, men, women, children and even pets, to share the same passion they did. They wanted families to bond overrides and be part of an even bigger family – The Motorcycle Club. They wanted to inspire new people to ride and experience the freedom of life on 2 wheels. I eagerly wanted to be a part of the club and I soon became one of the moderators of the club along with Pavan, VG, Avinash, Gowtham & Abhishek. You can find more details here

Then soon we called our other friends who equally loved riding with us ( including my childhood friend Bobby whom you might have seen in other posts of mine). Our first Ride was about 60 kilometres to one of the National highways with a group of 15 members. To begin with, it was an awesome ride knowing people from diff background and soon we started to form social media to promote it.

Our First Ride

Manju, Me & Pavan

First Ride Buddies – Sajjan & Bobby

Some More Motorcycles

We saw a lot of good response from people and in a nick of a time we already had about 20 people and we decided to ride to Melkote for One Ride. One Ride is all about One Thought; One Feeling; One love for the Royal Enfield. It started in the year 2011 the first Sunday of the year and the legacy still continues.

Like I mentioned the more you ride the more You want to. Hence, we already decided where could ride next? By then we already had about more than 40 members joined our club. The next ride was to Wayanad in Kerala and it was a group of about 40 people.The best part about this club is it isn’t just restricted to just the Youth. We had the eldest one who was 65 and the youngest one who was 2 so definitely made this club a unique one than others at least in my opinion.

It was June 25th, 2015 we decided to ride. I was excited, nervous at the same time as I am not so used to with so many People however surprisingly the crowd was an awesome one. Anyone could just get along. If I could anyone could. Started at 4:30 am, met in one of the points, discussed the rules, about the safety and then we began. As I sit and write, even now it brings the smile 😊 on my face, the ride was so beautiful with some beautiful people. I feel this is what travelling does You go not just to reach the destination but notice every bit until you reach there.

We reached the destination on time as we planned. To make the stay convenient we had the resort booked for us. It was an amazing resort with a scenic locale. The greens, river flowing by the side and the chirping sound of the birds it was indeed beautiful. We were served some delicious meal, then everyone freshened up and relaxed for the evening. We all were trying to know each other since almost everyone was new faces there.

Pavan & Me – on the way to wayanad

All need a Break – Lalitha, Vyas, Me, Pavan & Nanda

FSMC – Happy Moments

Well, that’s the day I felt the beauty of meeting new people. I had the less fear of being liked or disliked. By the evening we had the born fire 🔥 ready for us. We all gathered. All of us shared a bit of our lives over drinks and dinner. We danced a bit, sang a lot and then headed to bed.

Next day after breakfast we headed back to Bangalore. Every trip teaches us something about ourselves at least it does to me. I am an introvert, I take time to open up to people, however, this ride made me realise I am not as introvert as I think I was. I made few good friends. I got inspired to ride more, meet more new people and most importantly explore myself even more and yes my journey of riding doesn’t stop here.

And yes riding dint stop there, I rode a couple of times and I am certain that I am not going to stop riding anytime soon. However, every time I ride, a thought strikes my mind, the pollution we create, the consumption of gas and so on, and this am sure all the riders somehow can relate to me… “Is it because of the Love we have for riding” or “ is it that we do it just because everyone else is doing “?

Watch out for many motorcycle diaries to come…

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