It’s always a joy when you wake to the chirping sound of Birds 🐦 and not of alarm. How many times do we get lucky like this? When I do, I take all advantage. After a tiring day and a good dinner and drinks we slept to our glory.

(This is aspectual of the post “ Road Trip to Hampi – The City of Ruins”, if you have not read my earlier post please click_here)

As the sun rose, and the rays of sun fell on our face we woke up, freshened up, had some good breakfast and headed toward the destination which we’d planned the previous evening – Aihole, Pattadakal and Badami

We started as usual – Ajay started driving, Bobby still getting over with the hangover and me the navigator. As we hit the highway we noticed a milestone “Bijapur – 215 KM”, me and Ajay instantly exchanged thoughts and decided we must go there as we may not get a chance to visit this single location separately (mainly considering the distance), further we recalled the story, as how Hampi succumbed to the attacks by the Sultans of Bijapur, Bidar, Golcanda, Ahmednagar & Berar (Year- 1565), the attack had lasted for 6 months long and resulted in the massive destruction of Hampi which we see today. We wanted to witness the place – Bijapur because it had a history connecting to Hampi, I’ve always been a great lover of unplanned trips and here it goes we headed for Bijapur. Bobby was not quite happy however we somehow convinced him we would visit Bijapur and cover other places which we had planned earlier, he was really skeptic but somehow agreed.

A View of Tunga Bhadra Dam from the National Highway - On the way to Bijapur

A View of Tunga Bhadra Dam from the National Highway – On the way to Bijapur

Well, as we headed towards Bijapur we were extremely excited and we kept discussing about how it would have been if we three were born in that Era 😂😂 etc. For the Fact Bijapur was initially called as Vijaypura – “City of Victory” and now again renamed as Vijaypura, if you turn-on the Google Map and navigate to Bijapur it would actually refer it as Vijaypura. According to History, Bijapur was established by the Chalukyas, followed by Yadavas and subsequently by the Deccan Sultanates. During the rule of the Deccan sultanates, Bijapur attainted many of the existing Islamic Landmarks including the Grand “Gol Gumbaz”


Route - Hampi to Bijapur

Route – Hampi to Bijapur

Our main intention to visit Bijapur was to see Golgumbaz – we had studied in textbooks, heard enough from our guide in Hampi and finally we were here to witness it.  Gol Gumbaz actually is a Burial Chamber of Mohammed Adil Shah – Sultan of Bijapur, It was completed in the year 1656 by the Architect Yaqut of Dabul, and the name Gol Gumbaz refers to as Circular Dome. They say that it is the second largest dome structure in the world. Finally we arrived at the entrance of Golgombaz, from what I could see from far is that it is magnificently a huge structure, view of the lower portion is blocked by the Museum in front of it. Gol Gumbaz is completely different that of the architecture of Hampi – it should be because it follows the Islamic architecture style but nevertheless beautiful it is!, the person who was initially reluctant was also awed by the beauty of Gol Gumbaz, well I am referring to Bobby here, we started exploring, admiring and capturing the moments.

Gol Gumbaz - from Distance

Gol Gumbaz – from Distance



Museum - In front of Gol Gumbaz

Museum – In front of Gol Gumbaz


About - Gol Gumbaz

About – Gol Gumbaz


Ajay & Me - You can see that Museum blocking the View of Gol Gumbaz here.

Ajay & Me – You can see that Museum blocking the View of Gol Gumbaz here.


Happy Bobby

Happy Bobby


Symmetry everywhere

Symmetry everywhere

Symmetry everywhere

Symmetry everywhere

View from Top of Gol Gumbaz

If you go around Golgumbaz, you can observe that the structure is fully symmetrical at all angles, even when we climb up to the upper floor and have view of the pillars/shorter domes from any corner they are perfectly symmetrical. Full view of Bijapur city can be seen when you reach the upper floor of the Gumbaz. While you are at Gumbaz, you have to witness the popular Whispering Gallery, when a sound is made it actually echoes seven times. We were trying to take complete picture of Gumbaz but due to sheer size and limitations on my camera it was real difficult. However on one side of the Gumbaz, this was possible, we managed to click this

Gol Gumbaz - Second Largest Dome in the World

Gol Gumbaz – Second Largest Dome in the World

Time was almost 1:00 PM and we thought we should leave Bijapur becaused we had to visit our originally planned historic places Aihole, Pattadakal and Badami. we were quite hungry by this time, we quickly headed to Qaswa Hills Restaurant, it is just opposite to Golgumbaz and thought of tyring Biryani of Bijapur. Biryani at this restaurant was quite good, immediately after finishing our lunch we headed to our planned destination – Aihole, then to Pattadakal and conclude with Badami.

Other places of importance at Bijapur are:

  • Ibrahim Rouza
  • Bijapur Fort
  • Bara Kaman
  • Jumma Masjid
  • Gagan Mahal
  • Saat Kabar

As we were driving, I was remembering this phrase “man proposes god disposes” – this came to my mind because through out our journey, it was either Ajay or me who were driving but this time we requested Bobby to drive and I have to say that he was a pretty bad driver and he started blaming the roads, saying the roads were very narrow – but I have to agree here, roads were narrow when compared to the highway and we missed a milestone and took a wrong route which caused further delay, when we were closer to Aihole – we looked at the time, it was around 4:45 and we all looked at each other, same thought ” We can’t cover all three places”, we all agreed that we skip Aihole and Pattadakal and visit Badami

Badami- was known as Vatapi previously (According to a story which was earlier told there was demon by name Vatapi who was killed by a sage at this location and hence the name Vatapi), Vatapi was the regal capital of Badami Chalukyas and also famous for rock cut structural temles.

By the time we reached Badami, it was around 5:30 PM. As we entered, we were completely taken away by the view of Badami. We could see the “Bhutanatha group of temples” on the Agasythya Thirtha Tank”, It was simply amazing, as we entered, the Security at Badami refused to allow any further than the Tank as the gates were closed, we were highly disappointed, we had no other options but to spend some time watching the beauty, the sight was worth the visit, we took some pictures, consoled ourselves and promised that we are going to come back to explore the places we left behind (Aihole, Pattadakal along with leftover Badami), we took an oath no matter what we three will come again no addition and no subtraction to the Gang😜. We returned to our hotel “Priyadarshini” at Hospet, spent the night and early morning we set out to Bangalore.

View of Badami as soon as you enter


Natural Soft Rock Hill


Bhutanatha temple complex - Cluster of Sandstone Shrines

Bhutanatha temple complex – Cluster of Sandstone Shrines


Kids Fishing – at the Agastya Teertha Tank/Lake


Bobby & Ajay – Amazed by the Landscape


Resting Time


Pic before calling it off for the Day

As we headed to Bangalore, we stopped by various farms on the way to capture some moments. Overall this was one of the trips where I enjoyed being me, learnt a lot about the places, lived the history and promised never to take any place close by or far for granted. 

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