For all the ones who are wondering what {nomadonroad} – “Nomad on Road” is?  Here you go 👇🏽

I am sure by now, you would already know my love for travelling if you have been following my blog. I have been travelling since many years now. Knowing the fact there are millions of travelers, travelling across the globe sharing their stories, I also was inspired to pen down my part of the stories however as shy and timid by nature I held myself for quite long. I wasn’t sure if I can or no, after a lot of questions and thoughts 💭 I thought why not? I know, the places, countries we travel may be the same but definitely not the stories. Every story is unique and beautiful in their own way. Hence, I decided to have my stories, experiences penned down in the form of a blog .My post should just not give information about the places unexplored but also to inspire people near or far.

Why the name “Nomadonroad”??

Well, this was the crucial part I guess deciding the name, I am sure every blogger must have gone through this phase to decide on the name. Nomad as its self-explanatory, when I hit the road I truly become one, which is why I love the solo travelling mostly may be, and most importantly my first real travel was a solo where I almost found myself like a Nomad, not knowing my destination, not knowing where I was, where I’d be next, totally low budgeted, not letting anything tied on me. In my personal opinion sometimes not belonging to one particular place / thing is the most beautiful of all. Therefore, I decided to name my website as

The main content of this website will always be about travelling however it shall also include things that I love which can inspire people and I also get inspired in return. Do stop by for more travel stories


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